Did someone say Premier Services?

Give yourself the gift of being away from home without any concerns for the well-being of your pets and property.

Give your pets the gift of having someone look after them with the same care and concern you would. 

What makes our services permier?

Years of experience  |  Present on-site day and night  |  Sincere care for your pets  |  No hidden costs & surprise surcharges  |  DIscounts for long bookings  |  Exposure to many different breeds and animals  |  Able to administer medication  |  Free no-strings-attached consultation  |  Daily pet-progress updates  |  Grocery run for your return  |  Complete customer profile created for future bookings  |  Pet playtime and walks included  |  Routine care and management of your property

2 or more pets? Then this will all cost you less than booking in at the kennels.

Only 1 pet? We'll adjust your quote to match 1 x dog at kennel rates.


All-inclusive Premier House Sitting Service

Away on holiday? Off on an adventure?

I am your comprehensive 

long-term pet care solution.

This package includes all the benefits listed below, proving everything you would expect from house sitting services -

and more.

R400 per day

*Discounts available for long stays and 1 pet households

Day Pass

Long day at work? Out on a day-trip?

I am your on-site pet care solution! This is a one-day pass that includes all the listed benefits for pet and house sitting, with early arrival and late departure being part of the deal. 

R250 per day

*Not available during peak seasons

Weekend Pass

Taking the weekend off? Need a change of scenery?

I am your weekend pet care stand-in, providing on-site care for your pets and property from Friday to Sunday. 

R600 per weekend

*Not available during peak seasons


Give the Gift of Freedom and Care

Enable those you care about to get away without having to solve the pet-care riddle. 

Any of the packages can be given as a voucher. 

Select any package

Benefits of house sitting services:

  • A familiar environment for your pets 

  • Your pets' current routines are adhered to

  • Consistent feeding times 

  • Continuous fresh water top-ups

  • Daily exercise with loads of fun

  • Walks if your dogs are lead-trained (with harness leads)

  • Plenty of love and bonus cuddles

  • All your pet rules and restrictions diligently kept in place

  • Administration of any medication

  • Care for any additional pets like hamsters, birds, fish, etc. 

Of course, your precious property is part of the plan! This means that:

  • Your house will look occupied

  • Your home will be cared for

  • Plants are watered

  • Garbage is taken out 

  • Recycling is seen to

  • Your post is taken in and flyers are taken down

  • All security features are maintained

  • Any household staff are cared for as per arrangement

  • All your household rules and restrictions are diligently adhered to

  • Personalized home tasks as per arrangement

The Complete Five-Step Booking Process

pic 2.png

Step 1:

Contact me to see if I am available for the times you are seeking assistance.

Step 2:

I will contact you to discuss specifics and ensure we are a match made in pet-heaven.

Step 3:

Receive a complimentary house visit to finalize details and get all the necessary information.

Step 4:

Pay the deposit to keep your booking and ensure everything is in place.

Step 5:

Prepare for your time away.

Your dogs and house are taken care of!

Basic Terms and Conditions:​​

See the Questions and Answers section for extensive details. 

Services depend on adequate security features and reliable wifi | Services limited to Pretoria East and Centurion | Booking deposit required for long stays (5+ days) | All-inclusive premier house sitting cost is per day or part thereof, nights are included