Hi! I'm Christie

So, I’ve ended up doing a whole lot of House Sitting the past few years. I stumbled into it quite by accident. You see, I adore animals, I’m painfully responsible and am honest to a T. Turns out these are exactly the qualities people look for when they want a House Sitting Solution. The fact I work from home is the secret sauce that keeps requests rolling in – it does, after all, mean I can keep furry friends company day and night.  

Of course, it all goes back a lot further than the past few years...


I've always loved animals. I grew up in a home that constantly had pets around. Like many families, we had dogs and cats along the way, but we also cared for an array of interesting animals, from budgies, to parrots; from goldfish to hedgehogs; from chickens to little lambs; from chameleons to tortoises.

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We will watch over your pets with the utmost of care and consideration. 

Closeup of a Black Dog